Your development project and your business are important. You can’t afford to entrust them to a rookie. We have over 20 years experience in all aspects of entrepreneurship from starting to running to successfully exiting a business. Take advantage of our deep experience to ensure success on your venture.

With 3 successful exits under our belts we know a thing or two about startups. We can help with the full life-cycle of concept development, market analysis and testing, product design and development, marketing, launch, financing and exit.

While our primary role is as a boutique software developer, we also partner in ventures that make good business sense.  If you have an opportunity that is a viable venture opportunity, we would be pleased to discuss and review it with you.

Do you have a great product, service or app that could benefit from a wider distribution? Our Venturing Team can analyze your offering and, where appropriate, propose licensing options that will help you leverage your product brand into wider channels of distribution that you would not normally have access to.

Alternative Funding
When funding a software development project typical sources are bootstrapping, friends and family, angel and venture capitalists. However, there are other options that exist depending on the project and the need and our Venturing Team can explore and assess those with you.