My Retina Docs Case Study


Aspire Health just landed a number of national contracts for its mobile diabetic retinopathy testing service. If it was to scale up to meet the demand of hundreds of thousands of mobile eye tests, it needed to move away from its manual paper based testing procedure and implement an electronic solution. It had to do so within a compressed timeframe as the contracts were ready to start imminently.


Cloudsoft Mobile was engaged to design, develop and roll out the iPad-based My Retina Docs app. It allows technicians to import the retinal images from a specialized digital camera and eliminate the paper recordkeeping.


  • The app was developed and deployed as expected.
  • Thousands of retina tests are performed each year through My Retina Docs
  • Technicians and Eye Doctors have eliminated the paper-based record-keeping system.
  • Client was able to land a significant volume of new contracts for mobile retina testing